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“Unprecedented”- Florida Right to Life Sees A 91% Success Rate for Endorsed Candidates

by | Sep 6, 2022

In an unprecedented rate of success, Florida Right to Life saw a 91% rate of victory for endorsed candidates.

“Florida Right to Life usually experiences a high rate of success for its endorsed candidates but 91% is our highest success rate yet” stated Lynda Bell, president.

Jan Halisky, the FRTL PAC Chairman who did the analysis commented on the pro-life climate in Florida. “It’s a great time to be Pro-Life in Florida and an even better time to receive the endorsement of Florida Right to Life.”

“Primary elections can go many ways” stated Anthony Bonna, PAC member who provided pre-election strategy, “but a 91% victory for its endorsed candidates shows just how much our endorsement means to Florida residents.”

Florida Right to Life is currently finalizing its endorsements for the November General Election. We look forward to an amazing success rate after the Election. More pro-life elected officials equal more pro-life legislation passed and that equals more innocent lives saved!

Florida Right to Life is the state’s largest and oldest single-issue group fighting for and saving innocent lives since 1971.

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