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Vote NO on the Anything Goes Abortion Amendment to our Michigan Constitution

by | Sep 27, 2022

Editor’s note. This appears on Page One of the Fall issue of Right to Life of Michigan News.

Roe v. Wade has been relegated to the ash heap of history. That means once again, voters are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the issue of abortion.

In Michigan, voters have a critical opportunity to protect life on Tuesday, November 8. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have spearheaded an amendment that would add an absolutely unlimited right to abortion to our state constitution. If they convince a majority of Michigan voters to go along with the abortion amendment, taking the lives of unborn babies will become sacrosanct in our state.

The amendment’s language is truly dangerous:

• It creates a new, unlimited constitutional right to “all matters relating to pregnancy,” including abortion.

• It looks like it allows late-term abortion bans but let’s “health care professionals” apply an unlimited “mental health” exception to them.

• It vaguely says, “The state shall not discriminate in the protection or enforcement of this fundamental right.”

• The state cannot “penalize, prosecute, or otherwise take adverse action against someone for aiding or assisting a pregnant individual” in exercising this unlimited right.

• The state can’t penalize or prosecute someone for an “alleged pregnancy outcome.”

• No state law or regulation can contradict the Abortion Industry’s own “accepted clinical standards of practice.”

• No state law or regulation can restrict an “individual’s autonomous decision-making.”

• It redefines viability of the child in the womb to the point the abortionist believes the child can survive outside the womb without “extraordinary medical measures.”

• The amendment never mentions doctors and doesn’t distinguish between adults and children.

So, what does this all mean? What will this amendment actually do?

By creating a right to “all matters relating to pregnancy,” abortion, sterilizations, and a host of other things—like sex—will have zero restrictions. This applies to children as well; the Michigan ACLU admitted in a media interview that this reproductive right applies to children starting “at birth.”

By giving children an unlimited right to all matters relating to pregnancy, children will be able to obtain abortions without parental consent or even notice. This amendment spells the end of parental rights in our state on any matter relating to pregnancy.

The abortion amendment allows late-term abortion bans the same way Roe v. Wade allowed late-term abortion bans: by creating an infinite mental health loophole that includes every reason a woman wants to have an abortion. It would even re-legalize partial-birth abortion in our state.

By redefining viability, it lets any “health care professional”—including massage therapists and vets—decide a child at any stage isn’t viable. Even things like incubators for newborn preemies can be considered “extraordinary” medical care.

And if it isn’t enough to have a constitutional right to kill babies during the process of birth at 40 weeks, any parent who throws their newborn in the trash can’t be penalized or prosecuted for their “alleged pregnancy outcome” of infanticide.

This amendment would drastically alter the way even common abortions happen. The Abortion Industry doesn’t believe health regulators should inspect their clinics, or that women should be given informed consent, or see their ultrasound, or have a 24-hour waiting period. So, under their “clinical standards,” every abortion regulation is gone. Even screening women for coercion to abort becomes unconstitutional—because according to Planned Parenthood, forced abortions don’t happen.

If the state can’t penalize anyone who performs an abortion, then any unqualified person can do it. A woman who experiences a botched abortion could not have courts penalize the unqualified person who maimed her with a lawsuit. The abortion amendment provides an unlimited get out of jail free card.

And on top of all those dangerous scenarios, the abortion amendment says no law or regulation can restrict an individual’s autonomous choice. Obviously, every law or regulation restricts someone from choosing to violate it. So, when it comes to abortion and anything else remotely related to pregnancy, whatever a person wants to do, they can do. This anarchy truly means “Anything Goes.”

This language would open up dozens of state laws to being struck down in court and result in devastating consequences—not just with our abortion laws. No consequences could be fixed by a state law if the abortion amendment becomes a permanent part of our constitution.

And, if this amendment passes, and you have the courage to raise your voice against this insanity, it says the state has a duty to enforce this right against discrimination. This vague language could give officials like Attorney General Dana Nessel a blank check to harass you for disagreeing with her.

Voters face a truly stark choice. The only responsible choice is vote NO on the abortion amendment—even for many people who would say they are “pro-choice.” Otherwise, Michigan will permanently open Pandora’s Box with an Anything Goes free-for-all.

Visit today to donate and sign-up to help defeat this dangerous proposal—before it’s too late.

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