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Blog: Salesforce CEO Touts “Equality” and “Dignity”—But Not for Indiana’s Unborn Babies

by | Oct 19, 2022

By Indiana Right to Life

In an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff recently said he would help employees in Indiana relocate in order to abort their children.

“Equality” and “dignity” are two values that he cited in his opposition to Indiana’s new pro-life law, which prohibits most abortions.

“We have to be for equality,” he said. “We have to be for dignity. We have to be for the equality and dignity of every human being. And, if you’re not for equality and dignity, then, you know, this is not something that I can work with and we’re going to have to exit your city or your state just as we have in many places.”

“The equality and dignity of every human being.” Benioff extended neither of those values to the unborn children of his employees.

And why is that? If one wonders long enough, you may start to think of all the “costs” that an unborn child presents to a company: Time off for doctors appointments for mom, maternity leave, special accommodations for moms who pump, time off requests for sick kids or lack of childcare, etc. The list goes on and on.

Although we may not want to believe that a company could be so calculating, the costs do add up.

Salesforce has a generous parental leave program which offers both moms and dads 6 months of leave with 100 percent pay. Additionally, the company touts a breastmilk shipping program for business-travelling breastfeeding moms, as well as 10 days of back-up childcare for last-minute help for moms and dads. All of these are steps in the right direction for creating a pro-family workplace. But it all gets expensive.

And while it does advance a life-affirming work culture in many regards, this culture is completely undermined by the company’s willingness to facilitate the abortions of its employees’ children.

One has to wonder if Salesforce will support an employee facing a devastating prenatal diagnosis. Will Salesforce relocate a family seeking extraordinary medical care to save an unborn child in another state instead of aborting him or her? Perhaps they would.

We should hope so. But we should also hope that the company fully reverses its pro-abortion policy in order to protect its employees and their children. Only then will Salesforce uphold true equality and dignity for every human being.

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