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Planned Parenthood’s “abortion care package” trivializes the pain and suffering many women feel

by | Oct 7, 2022

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Sometimes, even veteran pro-life activists are stunned by developments in Abortion World.

That certainly was the case when I read through a recent publication by Planned Parenthood Keystone, an affiliate of the abortion giant located in Pennsylvania (the Keystone State).

The publication listed different activities in which volunteers could take part. One of them was “Abortion Care Basket assembly parties.” At these events, abortion backers are encouraged to put together baskets which include “heating pads, under pads, fuzzy socks, coloring pages, tea, and more!”

Of course, the problem begins with the name—“abortion care” is a huge misnomer, since abortion is meant to end an innocent, unrepeatable human life. There is nothing caring about it.

Secondly, the stunt trivializes the suffering women can undergo after undergoing an abortion. A heating pad is hardly sufficient treatment for hemorrhaging, and fuzzy socks will give scant comfort to a woman whose heart is breaking.

But perhaps what is most disturbing is the idea of distributing coloring pages to women who have just lost their children to abortion. These women can experience profound grief, and the coloring pages can serve as a painful reminder of the uniquely beautiful child who lost her life inside the abortion center’s walls.

No matter how much the abortion industry tries to normalize abortion, the fact remains that it is an inherently violent act which snuffs out a precious human being. It can also emotionally scar the woman who is left to grieve the baby who died.

Abortion does not solve problems. It only creates a new set of problems—ones that can hardly be solved by an afternoon tea and a set of coloring pages.

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