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Poll Shows West Virginians overwhelmingly Support Passage of New Pro-Life Law

by | Oct 27, 2022

The results of a new West Virginia poll (Triton Polling, 10/18/22) supports the claim that the majority of West Virginians are pro-life and agree with the recent abortion law passed by the West Virginia Legislature and signed by pro-life Governor Jim Justice.

The question asked was “…do you support or oppose laws that prohibit abortions from conception forward except when necessary to save the life of the mother, as long as there are exceptions for rape and incest as well?.” The results were 61% in support of such a law, 30% opposed, and 9% don’t know. This question defines the law recently passed by the State Legislature during the Special Session.

West Virginians for Life (WVFL) President Wanda Franz, Ph.D., said, “It makes clear that the pro-life members of the state legislature were well attuned to the position of their constituents on the abortion issue. They recognized that the majority of the people are pro-life and wanted to see legislation that reflected their values.”

Legislative Director Sadie Keaton stated, “This poll shows that it’s never been a happy accident that the people elected pro-life super majorities to the legislature. The voters elected these leaders with their pro-life values in mind. Pro-life legislators delivered on a significant promise to their constituents when they enacted HB 302, The Unborn Child Protection Act.” 

West Virginians for Life congratulates the members of the Legislature who voted for this strong pro-life law and Governor Justice who signed it in support of the view of most West Virginians. WVFL looks forward to continuing to work with pro-life legislators in the next session of the Legislature.

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