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Pro-abortion Warnock leads pro-life Walker by razor-thin margin in race for the Senate in Georgia

by | Oct 17, 2022

Walker’s answer on abortion is perfect

By Dave Andrusko

Sometimes a response is so perfect that it deserves mountains of retweets and congratulations.

On Friday, pro-life Herschel Walker debated pro-abortion  Raphael Warnock, the incumbent senator from Georgia. Naturally, abortion came up.

According to Zach Jewell

Warnock, the pastor of a progressive Baptist church in Atlanta, dodged giving a direct answer to a question from the moderator who asked him if he believed there should be any clear limitations on abortion. The Democrat responded by repeating a pro-abortion argument that says a pregnant patient’s room doesn’t have enough space for her, her doctor, and the government.

“Did he not mention that there’s a baby in that room as well?” Walker asked. “But also did he not mention that he’s asking the taxpayer to pay for it? So he’s bringing the government back into the room.”

Walker added,

“If Black Lives Matter, why are you not protecting those babies, and instead of aborting those babies, why are you not baptizing those babies?”

The contest is extremely close. There is an independent candidate running who is gathering 4 or 5%.

A poll reported on by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution three days ago had Warnock at 46% and Walker at 43%.

The Trafalgar Group had Warnock at 46.3 and Walker at 44.8%.

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