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Pro-life volunteer testifies she feared for her life after being shot while going door to door, alleged assailant bound over for trial 

by | Oct 21, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

A Lake Odessa, Michigan man was bound over for trial this week on four charges after alleged shooting  84-year-old Joan Jacobson while she was going door-to-door to talk to absentee voters about Michigan’s Proposal 3 ballot proposal.

“After nearly two hours of testimony, Judge Raymond Voet bound Richard Harvey over for trial in Ionia County Circuit Court on all four charges — assault with a dangerous weapon (felonious assault with a rifle), a possible four-year felony; weapons firearms careless discharge causing injury, a possible two-year high court misdemeanor; and weapons firearms reckless use, a possible 90-day misdemeanor,” Elisabeth Waldon reported.

“It’s clear to me that Mr. Harvey did fire a warning shot to send a message to Ms. Jacobsen, and then he also shot her,” Judge Voet said. “Thankfully he didn’t kill or paralyze her considering how close it was to her spine. We’re lucky that no one was more seriously hurt.

“The court could ask why there isn’t a felony firearm charge as well, but that’s not my business,” Judge Voet added.

Anna Visser, Right to Life of Michigan Communications Director, said, “No one should fear violence while peacefully exercising their constitutionally protected right to free speech. This 84-year old woman is hardly imposing, standing about 5-feet tall. The idea that shooting this woman is at all excusable is a dangerous claim for Americans across the country who engage in peaceful door-to-door canvassing.”

Speaking to a 911 operator just moments after allegedly shooting Jacobsen in the shoulder, Harvey said, “I didn’t shoot her on purpose. She was a right wing nut. I’m sorry I shot her.”

Right to Life of Michigan noted that “While Mr. and Mrs. Harvey publicly claim the shooting was an ‘accident,’ Sharon Harvey’s public social media posts raise questions about the motive. Mrs. Harvey’s Facebook page reveals very strong opinions on abortion, the issue the volunteer was canvassing about, and vitriol for prolifers and anyone who disagrees with her. Her extensive history of demonstrated hatred for people who disagree with her draws her account into question.”

Jacobson testified that after an exchange with Sharon Harvey escalated

“I turned and looked to see where she was and then I saw there was a man standing beside her,” she said. “It just happened so fast. I saw he had a gun, it was a long barrel. By the time it registered in my brain that there was a man with a gun, I heard a shot and I felt the pain. I said to myself ‘did he shoot me?’ I was just in shock and I just started proceeding to get to my car, which was not too far away at that time.”

The shot also struck the clipboard that Jacobsen was holding.

Jacobsen said she feared for her life as she got into her car and looked out her window, seeing the Harveys standing there looking at her as Richard was still holding the gun.

“I thought this guy’s gonna shoot me again, right through the window of my car,” she said. “The pain was so intense in my back. I was in shock. Stunned.”

Jacobsen drove herself to the Lake Odessa Police Station, From there, she was taken by ambulance to a Grand Rapids hospital. She was discharged from the hospital later that day.

“The bullet went in and out,” she said. “They said it narrowly missed my spine, it went into the soft tissue.”

Because the amendment is written so broadly, its impact on Michigan laws could be profound and extend well beyond abortion. Right to Life of Michigan News writes         

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have spearheaded an amendment that would add an absolutely unlimited right to abortion to our state constitution. If they convince a majority of Michigan voters to go along with the abortion amendment, taking the lives of unborn babies will become sacrosanct in our state.

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