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Republicans turning Democrats’ absolutism on abortion against them

by | Oct 21, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Well, as I live and breathe, a reporter grasped why Democrats’ absolutism on abortion is an incredible albatross.

Jon Ward, writing under the headline “Debates show Republicans focused on economy and turning abortion back on Democrats,” observed “On abortion, the debates over the last week really did reveal something: Democrats were put on the defensive on this issue that they have seen as one of their biggest assets this cycle.”

Why, you ask? Here it is in a nutshell.

 “Morning Joe” host Willie Geist asked White House official Keisha Lance Bottoms “whether Biden believes there should be ‘abortion without limit.’” Bottoms, like other Democrats, “did not refute the idea that there should be no limits on abortion.”

Ward then went through the responses of several pro-abortion Democrats running for the Senate.

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, was the most glaring example of this. Democrats are increasingly worried that Hobbs, the former secretary of state, has proven to be a weak candidate. Hobbs has even refused to debate Republican candidate Kari Lake.

But during an appearance on CNN Sunday morning, just after Lake did an interview with the same network, TV reporter Dana Bash asked Hobbs five times whether she would “support any legal limits on abortion in Arizona.”

Hobbs would not answer the question, saying only that late-term abortions are “incredibly, extremely rare” and occur only if “there’s something that’s gone incredibly wrong in the pregnancy.”

“Politicians do not belong in that decision,” Hobbs said.

Other Democrats took the same approach when asked if they approved any limits on abortion. [Georgia Senator]Warnock was asked the question, and simply said, “I trust women more than I trust politicians.”

Earlier in the year Democrats looked at the rate of inflation slowing down and their convincing win in the August 2 referendum in Kansas which together could “help them avoid a wipeout in the fall election.”

In fact, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., confidently said after the Kansas vote, “This is where the 2022 election will be won.” As it turns out, this was decidedly not the case.

According to Ward,

Republicans smell an opportunity in the Democratic party’s apparent embrace of abortion without any limits. A poll by a Republican firm earlier this month of 1,000 voters found that 57% view “allowing abortions up until 9 months of pregnancy for any reason” as “more extreme” than “restricting abortions to only in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in danger.” Only 29% said the latter is the more extreme of the two positions.

Then Ward turned to conservative author Noah Rothman who wrote this week that “Democrats pushed all their chips in on the notion that Republicans’ views on abortion are out of step with those of the American people … on the assumption that Democrats’ approach to the issue was unassailable.

“And that dubious assumption is being put to the test. In interview after interview, Democrats in contested races are neutralizing the GOP’s disadvantages on abortion by exposing their own views on the subject,” Rothman said.

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