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Va. Governor Youngkin ready to defend pro-life bill

by | Oct 17, 2022

 By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

On Sunday October 9th, Virginia’s pro-life governor Glenn Youngkin appeared on CNN and addressed his hopes of seeing a common sense law to prevent abortion after 15 weeks and to protect babies developed enough to feel pain in the womb. The Governor did a fine job of making the case for passing a rational pro-life bill that will save lives.  He is clear that he wants to work with legislators in the General Assembly to move forward with the kind of rational laws that most Americans support, and away from the pro-abortion extremism Virginians have seen pushed by pro-abortion legislators since 2020.

You can view his comments here.

Abortion Groups Launch a Dreadful Program to Bring Women to Virginia to have Abortions

The latest pro-abortion project being organized all over the Commonwealth involves funding travel for women from other states to travel into Virginia to obtain abortions after pro-life laws are passed in their home states.  This is due to the tragic reality that Virginia is currently a “safe haven” for abortionists and a dangerous place for unborn babies and their mothers.

Pro-abortion websites and social media sites centered in different regions of Virginia are actively advertising that their organizers will provide funds and other support to any woman who wants to travel to Virginia to get an abortion, or who lives here but can’t afford an abortion. There are even offers to adolescents about ways to get around Virginia’s Parental Consent laws.

There is little doubt that the effect of these programs will be to increase the numbers of abortions in Virginia, especially among poor and young women and girls.

VSHL is very much afraid that the number of these pro-abortion funding groups will grow. Until we can pass new protective laws that once again prevent the abortion industry from holding sway in Virginia, we know that our state is not a safe place for babies or women. The growth of these groups is another reason to get ready for the General Assembly elections in 2023; we must put a strong pro-life majority into both chambers.

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