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90% of pro-life endorsed candidates win in West Virginia

by | Nov 9, 2022

By West Virginians for Life

The most exciting race of the November 8 election was the 13th Senatorial District nailbiter between the winner, former Senator Mike Oliverio, and Delegate Barbara Fleischauer, with only a 162-vote difference. She has never cast a pro-life vote in over two decades. With that win, candidates endorsed by the West Virginians for Life Political Action Committee (WVL-PAC) won in all 17 senate races.

Endorsed pro-life incumbents U.S. Representatives Carol Miller (First District) and Alex Mooney (Second District) handily won reelection on Tuesday with 67% and 65% of the vote, respectively.

In the 94 House of Delegates races where the WVL-PAC made endorsements, there were 83 wins.

All in all, the rate of success of candidates endorsed by West Virginians for Life was an unprecedented 90%.

According to Wanda Franz, Ph.D., president of WVL-PAC, “We are very happy about the success of the many candidates we endorsed. The vote confirms the recent poll (Triton Polling, 10/18/22) that West Virginians are pro-life, and they want their legislators to represent their pro-life values.”

WVFL Legislative Director Sadie Keaton said, “The people of West Virginia spoke loud and clear on their pro-life values when they voted in a pro-life super majority in both the House and Senate. This is an exciting time. Now that The Unborn Child Protection Act (HB 302) has been passed and West Virginia has freed itself from the grip of the abortion industry, the legislature can focus on passing laws that create a culture of life that more accurately reflects the values of the people of West Virginia.”

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