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A big day for pro-life candidates in Indiana,  the first state to pass pro-life legislation following the overturning of Roe vs. Wade

by | Nov 9, 2022

By Mike Fichter

Editor’s note. Indiana Right to Life CEO Mike Fichter celebrated major pro-life wins in the 2022 Indiana general election.

Yesterday was a big day for life in Indiana. Every pro-life incumbent in the state legislature won re-election, while Indiana’s United States Senate seat, along with seven of nine House seats, stays in pro-life hands. Every statewide office was won by pro-life candidates. In addition, a strong class of pro-life freshmen will now join the Indiana general assembly.

These results are highly significant considering Indiana’s legislature was the first in the nation to pass pro-life legislation following the demise of Roe. In spite of predictions by some pundits and pollsters that Indiana went too far in its approach to protecting unborn children, yesterday’s election results serve as a reminder that Indiana is a pro-life state. We look forward to even greater opportunities to show Indiana is a state that cares for pregnant mothers and their babies.

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