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AMA continues to pretend it is “fiercely nonpartisan” as it works hand in hand with the Biden administration and opposes any and all limitations on abortion

by | Nov 14, 2022

 By Dave Andrusko

So what do we have here? The headline to the story is “AMA President Says ‘Enough is Enough’ to Divisive Politics, Fake News in Medicine.” 

Please understand that the AMA doesn’t speak for all physicians. But their reputation is pretty much still intact, even though they are militantly pro-abortion.

Shannon Firth interviewed the new president, Jack Resneck Jr., M.D., who will lead (as the AMA’s web page modestly puts it) “the nation’s premier physician organization.”  He told the group which met virtually and in Hawaii, “The AMA is willing to work with all political leaders when it comes to improving patients’ health.” But….

“But make no mistake, when politicians insert themselves in our exam rooms to interfere with the patient-physician relationship, when they politicize deeply personal health decisions, or criminalize evidence-based care, we will not back down,” he said to booming applause.”

Take an issue and you will likely find the AMA on the other side of pro-lifers. Right now the AMA is working hand in glove with the pro-abortion Biden Administration.

Resneck reported that the AMA has filed amicus briefs in about a dozen state and federal courts, and spoken with the Biden administration plus Congress, to advocate to protect patients and physicians in a post-Dobbs world.

Part of the post-Dobbs world is marginalizing  “drivers of disinformation  [who are]… are falsely claiming that we have exaggerated or even fabricated stories about the real consequences of those laws,” he noted. Hmmm, I wonder who that might be?

Part of the success enjoyed by pro-abortionist in the mid-term elections can be explained by what Resnick is doing here: mangling the truth to scare the bejeepers of the public. 

As Nancy Flanders wrote

The overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, has opened the flood gates of pro-abortion propaganda and misinformation. One of the most popular claims being spread right now is that treatment for miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies will be banned in pro-life states. This is false.

Abortion advocates, including pro-abortion OB/GYNs, are attempting to scare women with the lie that they are going to be left to die if they suffer an incomplete miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, thanks to pro-life laws. But they are purposefully conflating the medical and legal definitions of abortion and leaving out the very important fact that pro-life laws restricting abortion specifically exclude these life-saving procedures

In other words – treating a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy is legal. Everywhere.

Truth indeed was the first casualty.

One other amazing comment from Resneck:

“You know and I know that we did not pick these fights … the AMA is fiercely nonpartisan.”

If you believe that, I have some beachfront property I’d like to talk to you about.

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