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BREAKING: Complaint Filed with State Medical Board of Ohio In Light of Recent National Report

by | Nov 16, 2022

COLUMBUS, Ohio— Today, a complaint was filed against doctors at University Hospitals TriPoint Medical Center in Painesville, Ohio, with the State Medical Board of Ohio. Recent reporting from National Public Radio (NPR) details a tragic story. According to NPR, while a woman and her husband were visiting Ohio, she was denied proper health care while experiencing a miscarriage.

After experiencing signs of severe complications for hours due to the miscarriage, she and her husband went to University Hospitals TriPoint Medical Center’s Emergency Room, where doctors refused to treat her. Per NPR, medical professionals refused to treat her due to needing “proof” that her unborn child who had already passed away had “no fetal development,” despite confirming on an ultrasound that there was no heartbeat. At the time of her discharge, her symptoms had not lessened but continued to worsen.

“The lack of proper health care this woman experienced is appalling and should upset every Ohioan,” said Elizabeth Whitmarsh, Ohio Right to Life’s Director of Communication. “Any woman who experiences a miscarriage should be treated with urgency and competency, not apathy. Based on the reporting by NPR, the hospital nonchalantly checked her vitals, saw that she had been profusely bleeding for hours with no signs of stopping, and still found it reasonable to discharge her. This is wholly unacceptable and does not meet Ohio’s standards of care.

“Therefore, a complaint was filed with the State Medical Board to investigate further what took place and ensure that they are held accountable. Women should feel safe inside every Ohio Hospital, doctor’s office, and urgent care. Our deepest sympathy and prayers go to this family.”

To read the full story reported by NPR, click here.

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