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Democrats besmirch the decency of the American people with Prop1

by | Nov 7, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

You would think—but you would be wrong—that if even an abortionist  blanches at California’s over-the-top Prop1, it might be concluded that the “Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom” goes too far. But not too far for Gov. Gavin Newsom who told a Rally at Long Beach City College on Sunday that “It’s states like California that are on the front lines of rights all across this country.” The state will vote on Prop 1 tomorrow.

 “Prop 1 isn’t needed,” the California Catholic Conference said. “Sadly, California already has some of the most permissive abortion laws in the nation, but with reasonable limits on late-term abortions — which will still be allowed without the amendment for the life and health of the mother. Prop 1 destroys this common-sense limit.” 

California Secretary of State produces an official voter’s guide. It declares  “’Proposition 1 is not needed to protect abortion rights but it will cost California taxpayers millions’ through the increased number of abortion seekers from other states coming to California,” according to CBS News [].

“California law already allows access to abortion and contraception,” attorney Heather Hacker said in the rebuttal. “But unlike state law, which limits late-term abortions unless medically necessary, Proposition 1 has no limit on late-term abortions.”

As a measure of just how radical the proposal is, National Review’s  Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote a column under the headline, “A Working Abortionist Opposes California’s Deadly Proposition 1.”

“California obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Forrest Smith says he polled 147 of his patients on the state’s Proposition 1,” Lopez begins. “When he first asked, they were planning to vote for it on Election Day. When he then explained to them that the proposition, the ‘Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom,’ would legalize the killing of viable, healthy babies, every single one of those patients changed their minds and said they would vote against it. He calls what Proposition 1 would allow a ‘moral monstrosity that we cannot allow in our state’s constitution.’”

Lopez adds,

Democrats besmirch the decency of Americans when they assume that people actually want the most barbaric things to happen to the unborn and to babies in their first moments; when they put money toward the Proposition 1 campaign and support state-funded abortions with no limits; and when they campaign in other states for abortion tourism to California.

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