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Florida Leads the Nation on Election Night: Florida Right to Life has stunning success rate

by | Nov 16, 2022

Tallahassee — Last week Florida saw a true wave, a Pro-Life wave. We had unprecedented success and Florida Right to Life members throughout the state should be proud of the work they did. What isn’t being reported in the media are the many successes on school boards, local races and pro-lifers winning seats never expected to win. The details are exciting.

Our pro-life Gov. Ron DeSantis won in a historic landslide, breaking all election records. “I expected him to win handily” stated Lynda Bell, president “but his victory showed the Nation what is possible when you stand for Life and common-sense values.”

Our awesome U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio crushed his opponent even though the pro-abortion left targeted him early. The pro-aborts heavily funded his opponent, Val Demings;  she outspent him 2-1. Sen.Rubio won almost every demographic In Florida. To his credit, he also flipped pro-abortion blue counties to pro-life red!

Pro-life Attorney General Ashley Moody won her election handily beating her opponent by a staggering 21 points. Both Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis and Agriculture/Consumer Services Commissioner-elect Wilton Simpson beat their opponents by 19 points.

We now have Pro-Life Super Majorities in the Florida House and Senate. In the Senate we have a 28 -12 majority and in the State House we have a stunning majority of 84- 35. In the North Florida area, we were able to oust radical pro-abortion Lorrane Ausley as she was solidly defeated by pro-life African American republican Corey Simon.

We picked up 4 pro-life congressional seats and lost zero! Florida greatly contributed to a pro- life majority in the U.S. Congress. Florida now holds a congressional majority of 20-8. Even Miami Dade County, Tampa, and Jacksonville went pro-life red!

Florida Right to Life had a 90 % success rate in its list of endorsed candidates. Out of 115 endorsed candidates we only had 11 losses. Those consisted of 2 out of 22 seats in the Florida Senate and out of 71 House candidates endorsed, we only lost 9.

Florida Right to Life could not celebrate this success without our faithful supporters like you who worked tirelessly and voted Pro-Life. We thank you!

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