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Is killing babies by euthanasia just another form of “care”?

by | Nov 28, 2022

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Michael Higgins, who was published in the National Post on November 22, asks the Quebec College of Physicians if killing babies is just another form of “care.”

Higgins explains that the Quebec College of Physicians told the Special Parliamentary Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying that they support infant euthanasia, otherwise known as infanticide.

Higgins writes that Dr. Mauril Gaudreault, the President of the Quebec College, further clarified the position of the Quebec Physicians.

The president of the Quebec College of Physicians wants to explore the prospect of euthanizing suffering babies and believes it’s nobody’s business but doctors’. 

To be fair, Dr. Mauril Gaudreault would let parents have a say as well, so he’s not being totally arrogant.

Gaudreault’s rather obscene suggestion illustrates just how far down the slippery slope we have plunged when it comes to mercy killing, euthanasia, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), call it what you will.

Higgins continues to quote from Gaudreault’s testimony to the Parliamentary Committee:

“Medical assistance in dying is a form of care, a medical act that may be appropriate in certain circumstances,” he said, according to the parliamentary translator. “It is not a political or moral or religious issue. It is a medical issue.”

“Medical assistance in dying is governed by the Criminal Code. It is regulated by court rulings, and it has been the subject of ethical and deontological discussions for nearly two decades. Its acceptance is now complete. Society has evolved.”

In other words, Killing is a form of “care. Gaudreault continued:

On the issue of babies from zero to one year of age, the college believes that for this group as well, medical assistance in dying can offer an ethical and responsible alternative to avoid an unacceptable and unavoidable end of life in unbearable suffering.”

Pain and suffering can, indeed, make life unbearable, but is that the only criteria on which we should decide to euthanize someone? 

In other words, killing is acceptable when the doctor determines that the child has a life unworthy of life.

Higgins writes that Gaudreault also thinks that infant euthanasia is good for the parents. You can feel better though because Gaudreault told the parliamentary committee that suffering can be assessed by direct observation and through a questionnaire. Doctors will know who should die.

Two euthanasia cases were examined in Gaudreault’s testimony at the Committee:

Alicia and Christie Duncan told how their mother, Donna, a psychiatric nurse, suffered a concussion in a car accident in 2020. COVID caused delays in treatment and Donna Duncan suffered headaches, anxiety, and depression.

Eventually, Donna Duncan went to her doctor of 20 years and asked to be approved for MAID. He declined but she managed to get another doctor and a nurse practitioner to approve her request.

Christie Duncan told the committee: “How did the opinion of someone who had cared for my mother for 20 years carry less weight than the opinion of two people who had just met her and simply ticked off boxes on a MAID assessment form?”

Meanwhile, Kerri Joffe, of the ARCH Disability Law Centre in Toronto, told of a disabled person in their 30s, living in their own home and with a part-time job because of the support of family, friends and volunteers. But the death of a family member left the disabled person facing the prospect of going into a long-term care home with the loss of home, independence and community. The person had requested MAID.

“They have been very clear, they don’t want to die. They are not suffering because of their disability, they want to go on living in a dignified way in the community,” said Joffe. “That’s not possible because their supports are not available.”

Of course nothing will go wrong with infant euthanasia!

Canada has become known, world-wide, for its killing program. Killing people by euthanasia became legal in 2016, it was expanded in 2021 and parliament is now considering euthanasia for infants, euthanasia for minors, euthanasia for dementia, and more.

World take note. Don’t legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Mr. Schadenberg’s blog and is reposted with permission.