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Many District health authorities in New Zealand refuse to terminate normal post-twenty week pregnancies!

by | Nov 30, 2022

By Ken Orr, Spokesperson, Right to Life New Zealand 

The Ministry of Health in response to an Official Information Act request from Right to Life advised on 30th November 2022 that there are seven abortion providers, previously District Health Boards in New Zealand that had refused to provide an abortion post 20 weeks in 2021 for a viable ongoing pregnancy. They had also refused to refer them to another abortion provider. 

Right to Life commends the abortion providers for upholding the right to life of these unborn children and recognising that these pregnancies were normal and healthy. We are reminded that it was the Abortion Supervisory Committee that advised Parliament in its report in 1988 that the majority of abortions were being performed on women with potentially normal healthy pregnancies on pseudo legal grounds.

Right to Life asks Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern why her government is funding the war against women and their potentially normal and healthy unborn children. Our children are our nation’s future. You are passionate about your concern for children.

As the Minister for Child Poverty Reduction how can you countenance the violent destruction of more than 13 000 unborn children every year? To be deprived of your life before you are born is the ultimate in child abuse and the ultimate in child poverty.

The extremist Abortion Legislation Act designed by Ardern imposes a tyrannical imposition on abortion providers. A woman with a pregnancy of less than 20 weeks seeking an abortion is not required to give a reason and is legally entitled to demand the killing of her child. The abortion provider may not refuse her request. After 20 weeks a medical practitioner is required to believe that the abortion is “appropriate”.

Right to Life believes that it is always wrong to violently kill an innocent and defenceless unborn child. We believe that the Abortion Legislation Act 2020 should be repealed; however as an incremental improvement it should be urgently amended to permit abortion providers to refuse to kill normal and healthy unborn children at any gestational age when they consider that it is inappropriate.

Right to Life believes that there is no other medical procedure available on demand in public hospitals without having the approval of medical practitioners.

Right to Life believes that the vast majority of medical practitioners are committed to the ethics of their profession and know that when they are caring for a pregnant woman, they are caring for two vulnerable patients, the mother and her unborn child.

It is appalling that the government has imposed on the medical profession extremist abortion laws that demands that they be state funded killers.

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