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Massachusetts Gov. Baker VETOES $1 Million Smear Campaign against Pregnancy Resource Centers 

by | Nov 11, 2022

By Massachusetts Citizens for Life

We just received confirmation that Governor Baker has VETOED $1 million of taxpayer money, which our legislators voted to use to disparage the pregnancy resource centers of our state. The governor simply writes, “I am striking language that earmarks funding for a program not recommended.”

We did it! Your calls and emails made the difference. This is a pro-life win, make no mistake about that. Because of you, women and men experiencing crisis during pregnancy will still have dozens of organizations throughout the Commonwealth to turn to for life-affirming support in what might be the darkest time of their lives — to say nothing of children’s lives saved because of that support.

Thank you! Tonight, we are one step closer to living in a culture that values life. I encourage you to contact the governor once more to thank him for listening and acting with courage.

Contact Gov. Baker:

(617) 725-4005


On social media? Call out his action there as well. Our leaders need to hear our praise as much as our frustration. Just as importantly, others in our networks need to be informed. You’re the one who can share the truth. 

With gratitude.

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