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“My heart was broken”: Former model describes mental trauma of abortion coercion

by | Nov 2, 2022

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Amada Rose Pérez, a Colombian actress and former model, is spreading the pro-life message after being coerced into an abortion. “Behind abortion is a big business run by men who make women believe that they’re fighting for their rights, when what they’re doing is harming their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health”, Pérez said.

Pérez, 45, became a model at the age of 18. While she now has a son, 5, she was previously coerced into an abortion when she was a young model.

“I was pressured by my partner and I believed in what they told me, that the most important thing was my dreams and my professional success”, said Pérez. For her, the psychological trauma of the abortion was devastating.

“I also had suicidal thoughts. I believed that I wasn’t worthy to go on living because I had killed my child, and I suffered from a fixation on memories related to the abortion.”

Repudiating pro-abortion claims that women who have abortions suffer little or no psychological effects, Pérez said: “Those who have had abortions and appear calm are just keeping up appearances; I went out in interviews smiling, but inside my heart was broken…

“I don’t know any woman who has had an abortion and has not lived through hell, but I know many mothers who have had their children, and they are their greatest blessing and their happiness.”

A recent BBC poll revealed that 15% of British women have experienced pressure or coercion to have an abortion that they did not want, as reported by SPUC.

Pérez has since found solace and strength. She is now a pro-life advocate speaking out on the physical and psychological consequences of abortion. She also hopes that by speaking out about her own traumatic experience she will encourage other women to speak out too.

“Abortion hurts women”

A SPUC spokesperson said: “Amada’s courage in speaking out about her own traumatic experience of coerced abortion matters hugely in highlighting what is a prevalent yet disgracefully underreported blight on many women’s lives. Abortion hurts women.

“SPUC is now putting a spotlight on such abuse, misuse and coercion of mothers. As Dr Greg Pike detailed recently at SPUC’s conferences in London and Glasgow, the mainstream pro-abortion narrative has been ‘enormously downplaying’ the shocking reality of abortion coercion.

“As Amada has also related, the pro-abortion industry and its apologists are ultimately betraying women. The pressure, in various forms, including in the workplace, that is engendered by the abortion ethic, pitting mothers against their own unborn children, hurts women such as Amada.

“Through the moving testimonies of such brave women who have suffered so much from coercion, abortion will finally be brought to an end.”

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