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Nevada Action Alert

by | Nov 8, 2022

Today is Election Day and abortion is on the ballot in Nevada and across the nation. In Nevada we’ve witnessed millions and millions of dollars in ads supporting abortion candidates and attacking pro-life candidates. So the stakes could not be higher for the unborn and the pro-life movement. The collapse of Roe v. Wade shows what happens when pro-life voters vote.  

If you haven’t voted, vote today and vote pro-life.  Nevada Right to Life emphatically opposes Question 1 in Nevada. There are predictions of high winds and rain across our state, maybe even snow in N. Nevada. Thanks to all who have voted.  If you haven’t voted, the stakes make it imperative to do so. We have a duty to vote today and vote pro-life because abortion is on the ballot and your vote counts. WE NEED TO GET ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO VOTE TODAY.

Please click here to see our list of endorsed candidates.  

The Unborn Need You Now – Take Action

Help us get this out to everyone in Nevada. Please share them with your Nevada contacts. You can download the full printable versions with footnotes here

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Thank you for your support and God Bless.

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