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Ohio Right to Life Celebrates Governor Mike DeWine’s Decisive Victory

by | Nov 10, 2022

COLUMBUS, Ohio— Governor Mike DeWine’s won a decisive victory to serve a second term as Ohio’s Governor. Ohio Right to Life was elated.

“Congratulations to Governor DeWine for this commanding re-election victory,” said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life. “His success was never doubted based upon his compassionate leadership for all Ohioans. Further, what we witnessed tonight was a complete rejection of the radical ‘abortion-on-demand’ extremism that Nan Whaley and Ohio democrats championed this campaign season.” 

Gonidakis further stated: “Whaley and the liberal media’s narrative leading up to tonight predicted that pro-abortion voters would show up in massive numbers since Roe was overturned leading to pro-life officeholders and candidates losing at the ballot box. Simply put, this was a false and misleading narrative as evidenced by the overwhelming popular vote re-electing Governor DeWine. Tonight’s election results were a clear referendum on abortion making it more apparent than ever that Ohio is undeniably a pro-life state.”

In contrast, Governor DeWine has grounded his political career in championing the unborn. One of his first actions as Governor of Ohio was signing into law Ohio’s Heartbeat bill, and he has secured over 7 million dollars in funding for pregnancy resource centers across Ohio since taking office. “It is important to point out that Governor Mike DeWine is by far Ohio’s most pro-life Governor in our state’s history. Yet, in a year where abortion is supposedly a driving force in the election, he won by double digits, proving that the pro-life position is a winning position in Ohio,” Gonidakis stated.

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