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Ohio Right to Life congratulates J.D. Vance on winning US Senate Seat; Celebrates Sweeping Pro-Life Victories and re-election of pro-life Gov. Mike DeWine

by | Nov 9, 2022

COLUMBUS, Ohio— Ohio Right to Life’s Director of Communications, Elizabeth Whitmarsh, said, “Ohio Right to Life is extremely encouraged by J.D. Vance’s victory last night, as we have supported him from the beginning. He has proven time and time again that he will fight for the lives of every Ohioan, born and pre-born.”

Throughout the campaign, Tim Ryan attempted to castigate J.D. Vance’s pro-life views as “extreme” or “radical,” despite Ryan recently voting against protecting babies born alive from a botched abortion. His voting record on abortion is repeatedly on the fringes of what most citizens believe. “Tim Ryan’s efforts to manipulate the people of Ohio have failed yet again, and hopefully now he will end his career of lying to Ohioans in his pursuit of power,” Whitmarsh stated. After 20 years of being an elected official, this will be the first time that Tim Ryan does not hold public office.

“It is not often that we see such an effective fighter who not only understands the issues we are facing in-depth but has real tangible solutions as well,” said Whitmarsh. She continued, “Ohio Right to Life endorsed J.D. Vance during the primary due to his insight on how to build a culture of life. His testimony, along with his work in the private sector, has exceptionally prepared him to lead us in Washington. We look forward to working closely with him as we fight to protect every innocent life, from conception to natural death.”

Ohio Right to Life also celebrated pro-life candidate winning every state-wide race and retaining a solid pro-life majority in Ohio’s General Assembly. 

“Ohio is a pro-life state, which is proven time and time again every election,” Whitmarsh, stated. “In the face of the many allegations that ‘Ohio is pro-choice,’ Ohioans boldly proclaimed that we stand for life. Therefore, the radical abortion-on-demand platform has no place in the Buckeye state.”

“Secretary of State Frank LaRose, Attorney General Dave Yost, Auditor Keith Faber, and Treasurer Robert Sprague have prioritized building a culture of life in everything that they do. Their victories are a win for us all,” Whitmarsh stated. Continuing, she said, “it is rare to have such courageous leaders. We are very proud of the work that they have done and will continue to do.”

She concluded, “Knowing that the pro-life movement won such decisive victories tonight should motivate us all to move swiftly to end abortion from conception by the end of this year. Abortion has no place here in Ohio, and it is time to put a stop to it.”

In addition, pro-life Gov. Mike DeWine won a “commanding re-election victory” over Democrat Nan Whaley. “His success was never doubted based upon his compassionate leadership for all Ohioans. Further, what we witnessed tonight was a complete rejection of the radical ‘abortion-on-demand’ extremism that Whaley and Ohio democrats championed this campaign season,” said Gonidakis.

 “Whaley and the liberal media’s narrative leading up to tonight predicted that pro-abortion voters would show up in massive numbers since Roe was overturned leading to pro-life officeholders and candidates losing at the ballot box. Simply put, this was a false and misleading narrative as evidenced by the overwhelming popular vote re-electing Governor DeWine. Last night’s election results were a clear referendum on abortion making it more apparent than ever that Ohio is undeniably a pro-life state.”

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