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Pro-abortion woman upset over death of chicken embryo

by | Nov 1, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-life author Janet Morana told the following story. At the time she recalls, she was working as a teacher in a public school in New York City

My good friend and team teacher Denise would adamantly proclaim herself to be pro-choice, while I was the token pro-lifer in our school.

One spring semester, we decided to hatch chickens in our classroom. We ordered all the appropriate equipment, including our precious fertilized chick eggs…

One morning, when we entered the classroom, Denise and I noticed a problem with one of the eggs. The shell was cracked open and we could see a yellow yolk sac and a bloody mass pulsing like a beating heart. In fact, it was the beating heart of a chick that was not going to develop further.

Denise and I were both upset, not knowing what to do. Denise gasped, “It’s still alive!”

I knew that but also knew there was nothing we could do to save it. Within moments, the chick’s heart stopped beating. Denise was very upset at the loss of this chick in the very early stages of development.

So how can Denise be pro-choice on abortion? She was obviously a very sensitive person, but when it came to abortion, logic seemed to vanish

Janet Morana, Everything You Need to Know about Abortion – For Teens (Gastonia, North Carolina: TAN Books, 2021) pp. 1 – 2. 

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission. Sarah Terzo is offering a short, free pro-life eBook that exposes the pro-choice movement. Click here to get it.

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