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2022: The Top Twenty Four NRL News Today Stories  

by | Dec 29, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Each year as we approach the end of the calendar year we list the best received, most popular NRL News Today stories of the previous twelve months.

There is no magic to choosing 24—we talked about 20 last year–but 24 it is.

Surprising no one, the “best of” included stories about the reversal of Roe v. Wade.  Pro-lifers worked for almost 50 years and they were overjoyed at Dobbs v. Jackson. Also included in that category were earlier stories about the fallout when the decision was leaked.

In the wake of Dobbs, we closely monitored the introduction of state legislation, including the activation of “trigger laws” which were written in anticipation of Roe’s eventual reversal which took place June 24th.

At the other end of the spectrum, readers loved “soft” stories about fetal development, mothers and fathers who chose life in the face of awful prognoses for their unborn children, and adoption. These are perennials which are always well received.

Another favorite were stories about the grassroots in action. Ingrid Duran, NRLC’s Director of State Legislation, kept a close tab on the many, many pro-life bills introduced in state legislatures in 2022.

We followed “born alive” legislation closely. While we were stymied—for now—at the federal level, we were active in passing—or fending off opposition to—state laws that demand that abortion survivors receive the same treatment given to any other premature baby.

I hope you read these stories the first time round and will take the time to read them again. If you didn’t, be sure to read 2022 Top Twenty Four stories from NRL News Today.












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