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Abortion Industrial Complex in Kansas Delivers Dark Announcement Days Before Christmas

by | Dec 21, 2022

By Kansans for Life

True to form, the abortion industry is once again putting its own profits and convenience ahead of safeguards for the health of women and girls. This time, abortionists are heartlessly pursuing their goal to perform larger numbers of abortions by withholding direct and needed physical care of an onsite physician. Once again, this has sadly become another ‘I told you so’ moment as women and babies in Kansas will be the ones who suffer from these actions.

Pro-life Kansans have issued urgent, repeated warnings since 2019 that the abortion industry planned to push for the overturn of reasonable, existing limits on abortion and make our state an ever-growing regional destination for abortion. These predictions become truer by the day.

With the abortion industry succeeding in forcing the overturn of Kansas’ in-person doctor requirement in November due to the legal precedent set by Hodes and Nauser v. Schmidt, abortion extremists moved quickly to expand abortion offerings to residents and nearby states, going so far as to advertise in Kansas visitors guides.

Peer-reviewed science has shown abortion pills are dangerous. Large cohort studies have found chemical abortion resulted in four times the rate of complications compared to surgical abortion. Well-documented dangers include life-threatening blood loss, undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, and inappropriate use of chemical abortion pills due to underestimated gestational age from lack of proper medical oversight in telemed-assisted chemical abortions.

Pro-abortion advocates claim women in rural areas are disadvantaged without telemedicine abortions, but studies show one in 20 women suffer a failed chemical abortion, placing rural women at greater risk from these procedures due to emergency care being far away. Days later, these women may require hospital admission for immediate surgery, blood transfusion, or intravenous antibiotics to save their lives, causing disproportionate suffering and frightening escalation of adverse events.

Kansans for Life is considering every possible course of action, including legal remedies, and plans to continue to pursue legislation that would ensure women are provided critical information about risks of abortion pills and medical interventions available to potentially reverse their effects, as well as other protective measures.

While Governor Laura Kelly has previously opposed providing this critical information to pregnant women and girls, KFL has and will continue to pursue passage of Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) legislation. Women have a right to this potentially lifesaving information.

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