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Abortion worker has nightmares after counting fetal parts: “I saw it all.”

by | Dec 8, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

 Former abortion worker Jewels Green describes the nightmare she had while she was working abortion clinic:

After an abortion, the instrument tray was passed through the window in the wall into the autoclave room. The other thing that passed through was the Jar. It held the precious contents that just moments before had comfortably resided inside the mother’s womb.

It looked like an oversized glass pickle jar. It was emptied next to me on the countertop: teeny tiny hands and feet and arms and legs and a rib cage and a spine and a hollow, flattened, misshapen, torn head.

I saw it all.

I smelled it all.

Every time. Up to 30 times a day, four days a week…..

I started having nightmares, haunted by tiny, limbless phantom babies. I was floating down a narrow stream with miniature body parts strewn on either shore – and then I’d begin to sink. I’d flail and gasp and go under.

Patrick Madrid, Surprised by Life (Manchester, New Hampshire: Sophia Institute Press, 2017) p.52.

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