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Daily Show Thanks God For ‘Basic Human Right’ Of Euthanasia

by | Dec 2, 2022

By Alex Christy 

Filmmaker Ondi Timoner travelled to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday to promote her film The Last Flight Home, but this isn’t just any other film, it is film that hypes the alleged “basic human right” of euthanasia.

Adding to the creepy and ghoulish nature of the film’s subject matter is that is based off the true story of Timoner’s father. However, Noah didn’t see it that way, “I feel like it’s an inspiring story, it is a beautiful story, it’s a funny story, it’s made me see life in a completely different way.”

After Noah and Timoner rattled off some biographical information about her father, most notably that he suffered a massive stroke at 53, Timoner added, “He was paralyzed for 40 years. But he suffered with such grace, you know? So when he said he needed to die at the end, it was something we all had to get behind, you know? And thank god for that law. The law was a gift. We didn’t know there was a right to die a medically assisted death in California.”

Later in the interview, Noah praised the film’s message that people should be allowed to play God with their lives, which takes on a dark irony when Timoner’s rabbi sister is included:

Then we get into the conversations around the morality. And you know, it’s interesting you bring up the fact that your sister is a rabbi and how so many of us have these ideas of how your life should end or shouldn’t end. It is not your decision. 

But there’s a line in the film, someone says, none of us chooses how to come into this world. But we should be allowed to choose how and when we leave. And for many people, that is a controversial statement. I know that the family was on a journey, and I would love to know what changed some people’s minds about your dad being able to make that choice. 

Neither Noah nor Timoner mentioned that her sister opposed the film and concedes euthanasia is against Jewish law. However, she does raise the possibility that it may be time to reconsider.

As for secular law, Timoner declared that, “I am very passionate now and our whole family is, that this law be passed in every state where it’s being– I think it is in front of 22 state legislatures right now. It’s not a law here in New York but it’s a basic human right to. You know, it’s a basic human right. Who should make that determination?”

Timoner then claimed that Jewish law has been changed, “they’ve since reversed that decision,” but that simply isn’t true.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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