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Kansas Catholic Conference denounces “despicable act” of “Abortion by Zoom call”

by | Dec 28, 2022

Women’s health in danger because of Planned Parenthood’s “blatantly money grab”

By Dave Andrusko

In a blistering December 20 statement, the Kansas Catholic Conference denounced Planned Parenthood for the “despicable act” of bypassing physicians in order to sell abortion drugs directly to women without medical supervision.

According to the Conference, “The Telemedicine Act had required an attending physician be present in person when the two-part abortion pill protocol was prescribed. The in-person attending physician provision is no longer in effect, placing women’s health in danger.”

It is no longer in effect, the Conference statement continued, because of “the defeat of the Value Them Both amendment last August. The results of that vote cleared the way for a recent Kansas court ruling that vacated provisions of the Kansas 2018 Telemedicine Act.”

The December 20 announcement by Planned Parenthood in Kansas that it would “begin executing chemical abortions on vulnerable women with unplanned pregnancies is a despicable act that clearly places profits ahead of the health and well-being of women and preborn children,” said Lucrecia Nold, Policy Specialist for the Kansas Catholic Conference. “Simply put, Kansas women deserve better treatment than what amounts to abortion by zoom call.”

She continued. “Planned Parenthood’s blatant money grab raises a number of troubling questions.”

• How can a physician determine via a zoom call if a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy is being experienced?

• How does a physician on a zoom call precisely determine the gestation date of the unborn child?

• What about dangerous, pre-existing conditions like the use of an intrauterine device (IUD), patient allergies, heart, blood vessel, liver, kidney or lung diseases? Can these conditions be adequately determined by a zoom call?

• By its very nature, chemical abortions produce bleeding, cramping, and in some cases, severe hemorrhaging that can result in a significant danger of death. Can a physician adequately monitor these symptoms via a zoom call?”

Nold continued: “This development is heart-breaking, but not unexpected. The defeat of the Value Them Both amendment last August removed virtually all protections from women, and increased access to chemical abortions. Without direct physician oversight, several safeguards have been removed.

But the Conference pledged that it “will not abandon women and babies. We urge women to seek life-affirming options including those that can be found at

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