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New world record for the longest frozen embryo – 30 years

by | Dec 12, 2022

By Michael Cook

Editor’s note. This is excepted from BioEdge and is reposted with permission.

Lydia and Timothy Ridgeway were conceived in April 1992 and were born in October 2022 in Portland, Oregon. They hold the record as the world’s longest frozen embryos. When they were created at an IVF clinic for an anonymous married couple, their “adoptive” father, Philip Ridgeway, was only 5 years old.

Five of that couple’s embryos were “surplus” and were kept frozen. In 2007 they donated them to a Christian group which sponsors “embryo adoption”, the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Ridgeways already had 4 children but were open to more. “We’ve never had in our minds a set number of children we’d like to have,” Philip said. “We’ve always thought we’ll have as many as God wants to give us, and … when we heard about embryo adoption, we thought that’s something we would like to do.”

“We weren’t looking to get the embryos that have been frozen the longest in the world,” he said. “We just wanted the ones that had been waiting the longest.”

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