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Pro-Aborts Interrupt Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center Banquet Honoring Life

by | Dec 5, 2022

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg 

Unfortunately, the following is a dispatch from the abortion wars. 

Thursday, December 1 was the one year anniversary of the oral arguments of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that eventually led to Roe’s demise. To mark the occasion, Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center (CHPC) of Washington D.C. held its pro-life banquet at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Virginia. I was honored to attend.

Upon arrival to the event a group of about 30 protesters were standing outside. They were the same crew that we’d seen time and time again in front of the Supreme Court this summer when the justices were deciding on the future of abortion at the federal level. 

They screamed into megaphones “Thank God for abortion!” and held signs saying “Jesus ❤️ Abortion,” “Forced birth is fascism,” “The trigger bans have turned a … medical procedure into a legal consultation … she was screaming … hemorrhaging … she lost close to a liter of blood,” and what looked like a middle school art project of slurs and remarks against the pregnancy center. 

Luckily, they wished me well and shoved their signs into my face so I could capture their idiocy and immaturity on my iPhone. “Go to your banquet! Go to your fu–ing banquet!”

And that I did! It was an elegant event featured notable guests who spoke on the organization and the pro-life movement at large. Everyone enjoyed a three course meal and incredibly kind wait staff. Everyone, including three individuals who stood up in protest just as the director, Janet Durig, was talking about the heightened security risks and numerous attacks on the center this year due to the Dobbs leak and Roe’s overturn.

The first woman started cussing us all out. “Blood on your fu–ing hands. Every last mother fu–ing one of you a–holes.” At that moment I wanted to ask the staff to shove a bar of soap down her throat as my mother would have done if I spoke with such vulgarities. 

She was escorted out screaming “Jane says revenge!” (CHPC understandably had numerous police officers, hotel security, and CHPC security on hand). Another was escorted out. The last thing she said before the doors shut in her face was “abortion is forever.” Yes, just not in the way she meant.

In this first wave of protests a third pro-abort stood up. He couldn’t have been more than 90-pounds and did a cute little jig with his finger raised screaming, “Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center is a fake clinic” and something about “insurrectionists” and “fascists.” 

The tolerant left.

Everyone at the event was stunned, including a mother who sat at the table with the three whackos. 

After the first disruption, the mother walked to the stage with her two-year-old child and explained how she just looked into the faces of those pro-aborts and shared a meal with them. Wiping away tears, she explained that if it weren’t for the staff at CHPC, she would have aborted her child and wouldn’t be there that evening. 

Sadly, that wasn’t the end of it. 

Four more protestors stood up and screamed. One of the boys wore what looked like a cross pin on his jacket and yelled “We know that you have blood on your hands.” 

Unironically, he was talking to us, not himself and his friends, who are stained with the blood of the 63 million + babies who have been killed as a result of Roe. 

It was an evening dedicated to celebrating life, all life, that was disturbed and violated and for what? None of us changed our minds that children deserve the most basic human right, the right to life.

If anything, their little show simply reaffirmed that the pro-life movement has to work 10x harder and never stop fighting for life.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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