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There’s a Pro-Abortion Trojan Horse in a Veterans Affairs Bill

by | Dec 14, 2022

By Kelsey Hazzard

Secular Pro-Life has joined a coalition letter sounding the alarm over efforts to turn Veterans Affairs (VA) funding into a new revenue stream for abortion. 

On behalf of the millions of Americans that we represent, we write to express our concern with increased funding for the Office of Women’s Health in light of the current administration’s interim final rule (IFR) providing funding for abortion by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Women veterans deserve quality life-affirming medical care. Instead, the VA has prioritized abortion extremism by investing in an illegal scheme to provide abortions at veteran’s health facilities in violation of both state and federal law. Unless the abortion IFR is withdrawn, a portion of increased funding for the Office of Women’s Health will be used to underwrite the transformation of veteran’s health facilities into abortion centers.

Obviously veterans have many legitimate, non-violent health needs, making VA funding a must-pass — but to the extent there’s a funding increase, the Biden administration is going to prioritize abortion instead. And while federal law prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion, abortion activists in the halls of government think that if they hide behind veterans, they’ll get away with it. I’m struggling to imagine a more cynical political play. 

This blatant disregard for the law and the will of the people is just one in a series of efforts by the current administration to appease the demands of the radical abortion lobby. The administration is flagrantly disregarding federal law in their rush to impose abortion on demand until birth at taxpayer expense throughout all fifty states. Now, Congress must consider whether to reward these actions with more hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

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