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Florida’s Pro-Life Gov. DeSantis promises more pro-life legislation ahead

by | Jan 19, 2023

By Lynda Bell

Editor’s note. This appeared in the January issue of NRL News. Please be sure to share the entire contents of the 48-page issue with your pro-life family and friends.

Four short years ago, Ron DeSantis, candidate for Florida’s Governor, won his race in a super tight election. He eked out a victory by a mere 32,000 votes out of more than 8 million votes cast– that is a margin of less than one half of one percent. I’m convinced his pro-life stance was the deciding factor in his first gubernatorial victory.  

Fast forward to 2022, a short four years later, Gov. DeSantis, arguably the most popular governor in the nation won in a historical landslide. He surged to victory by an unheard of 19 points, the largest victory since 1982.  Stunningly, DeSantis won in the very blue Miami Dade County, a county that hasn’t seen a Republican gubernatorial victory in 20 years. 

What made the difference in four short years?  DeSantis has showed amazing strength and conservative leadership on many issues including his Covid policy, education, environment, second amendment, support of law enforcement, parental rights and abortion. While De Santis is solid on many conservative issues, when it comes to life, it’s that issue that seems to garner him huge support and usually receives the largest applause. 

Last year, I was proud to represent Florida Right to Life at the 15 week bill signing.  They literally had to turn people away as they couldn’t squeeze one more person into the building. Standing directly behind our pro-life Governor, I watched as he received thunderous applause as he spoke In support of the defense of innocent life.  

Two years before, Gov. DeSantis signed the parental consent before an abortion bill, and recently he stated his support for a heartbeat bill pledging to “expand pro-life protections beyond 15 weeks.” 

While DeSantis remains extremely popular and is solid on many issues, he would not have a fraction of his current support were it not for his courageous stand on life. 

Editor’s note. Lynda Bell is the President and spokesperson for Florida Right to Life and the Chairman of the Board of National Right to Life.

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