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Fox News lauds the work of Pregnancy Help Centers

by | Jan 3, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Fox News Digital’s Houston Keene begins his lengthy and wholly supportive story by reminding his readers that pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers—often also called Pregnancy Help Centers today—“have endured vandalism and attacks at the hands of ravenous protesters angered by the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the events leading up to it.” But CPCs are staffed by a determined lot who insist on carrying on their life-affirming work. For example…

Keene writes, “Two crisis pregnancy centers in and around the nation’s capital, the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington, D.C., and Life First in Manassas, Virginia, opened their doors to Fox News Digital to share how they are helping women and families in the nascent stages of building their lives.”

 “The center was hit with vandalism in the wake of the Supreme Court leak of the opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade,” Keene writes. “They were hit with red paint, eggs, and graffiti reading ‘Jane Says Revenge.’”

Janet Durig, executive director of Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, told Fox News Digital “the center’s staff felt ‘violated’ by the vandalism and it ‘comes back to people misunderstanding what pregnancy centers like ours do, or they really understand it and think it’s awful to help people.’”

The story is replete with examples of the life-affirming work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers on behalf of women who feel they have no choice but to abort. Typically “villainized by Democrats,” Keene writes, “mothers who’ve been helped by them say nothing could be further from the truth.”

“My experience happened over a decade ago, so my oldest now is 11, so when I was pregnant, I came through Life First — formerly known as CareNet back then,” Alana Jenkins, a mother helped by Life First said.

Jenkins, a mother of five including her youngest, Rip, said she considered abortion when she was unexpectedly pregnant with her first but chose to keep her child after visiting with Life First.

“It was scary, you know, I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting other than they offered free services I wanted to take advantage of,” Jenkins said. “I had already decided of having an abortion, but my husband and I decided that we wanted to get more information and a sonogram at the time to confirm I was pregnant.”

Jenkins said she “was greeted with nothing but love” from the staff at Life First and that it was “amazing” to see where her experience at the center “led to.”

“It was great to feel that comfort and love through professionalism, guiding me through the steps,” Jenkins said. “Not what I wanted to hear, but the education of what having a baby was all about, the steps, the process.”

Jenkins said her pregnancy was confirmed by the center with a sonogram and that her time at the center led to a “step-by-step process” to help her and her budding family with what they needed.

Ten years and five kids later, Jenkins and her husband have made their home in Vint Hill, Virginia, where they own a CrossFit gym.

Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center offers another example of the tremendous work CPCs do “helping mothers facing crisis pregnancies and are considering abortion,” Keene writes.

Niya was considering abortion at first, as she felt she “wasn’t ready” to be a mother, but knew she had to “get ready” and decided to keep her baby, Amara, after visiting with Maloney.

The team at Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center explained all the options for her baby that Niya could choose, such as raising the child or placing the child up for adoption, instead of going through an abortion.

“After that, I left, [Jamie] gave me a few pamphlets about    adoption, giving your child to somebody else, a family that might want them,” Niya said. “And she was emailing me and stuff, checking on me. She sent me a gift for my baby, I told her I was going to keep it, and she’s just been in contact with me since.”

Following in the tradition of CPCs, both center “provide material goods and services to struggling mothers and families, carrying children’s clothes, diapers, and other necessities that are given to families that visit the center,” according to Keene. “Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center provides baby formula and car seats, as well as approved baby playpens and crib analogues. ‘We help them with material support, which is very important, but we also help them with free childbirth classes and free parenting classes,’” Durig told Fox News Digital.

Both Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center and Life First “help new parents get on their feet through counseling and professional placement help, ensuring that the budding families have a steady source of income,” Keene writes.

Jenkins told Keene, “My definition of success was what I thought it was, and when I came in, I really, firmly believed for my success, I needed an abortion.”  Jenkins added, “The place I was in my life, financially as a professional athlete back then, success and my plan ahead did not call for a kid. It just didn’t look like that would equate.”

Her final words were a living testimony to CPCs everywhere:

And when I was given the support, the education, the resources, all that, it was just amazing to see a different perspective,” she said. “And when I got that different perspective, that success can be many different ways, that, yes, a decision to keep a child is hard, but when you know there’s support and everything else out there, especially centers like Life First that offers that, it really is a huge enlightenment to go out there and just get educated.”

“And with Life First not judging and offering the professionalism, that they care, it makes a huge difference,” Jenkins continued. “So I challenge women to get out there and get educated, and go to center, take advantage of centers, that offer their services.”