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House Democrats Push For Taxpayer Funded Abortions

by | Jan 27, 2023

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

On January 26, House Democrats introduced a bill that would reverse the Hyde Amendment, the bill that banned federally funded abortions. The left wants to make abortion even more easily accessible, and use our hard earned money to do so. 

The bill is called the “Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance Act” (EACH) and “would ensure that anyone who receives health care or insurance through the federal government is able to also have coverage for abortion service,” as USA Today reported. 

Rep. Barbara Lee, (D-Calif.) told Axios that the bill would ensure that “low income people, who are primarily Black and brown, would have the same access to the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion care.”

I’m still perplexed as to why abortion is called “care” when it ends the life of at least one human being. Actual care would help women receive prenatal care and hospital care when giving birth.

And why are Democrats trying to kill minorities?

Twitter abortion enthusiasts were thrilled at the prospect of more abortions. 

Catholics for Choice, which is an oxymoron in and of itself, called the act a “step toward breaking down inequities in abortion access.” 

NARAL Pro-Choice America pointed out that public support for the Hyde Amendment is high so this act would help contradict the majority and push for something most people don’t want.

Liberal logic ladies and gents. 

The NNAF Abortion Funds twitter claimed that the act would ensure “dignity and respect for all.” 

And the Guttmacher Institute thought the EACH Act would help combat the “disappearing” access to abortion across the nation.

None of the pro-EACH supporters said anything about advocating for more resources or funds to be allocated to mothers and children in need, nor did they comment on the fact that people opposed to the despicable practice of snuffing out inconvenient lives would be forced to cough up this extra money for “abortion access.”

This is just another example of how desperate the left is to promote the abortion agenda.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is  reposted with permission.