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Illinois governor eagerly signs pro-abortion bill that “greenlights enhanced abortion protections”

by | Jan 13, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

CHICAGO — It was just a formality—Illinois’ Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker was an eager supporter—but today he signed into law the radically pro-abortion “Patient and Provider Protection Act” which “granted additional protections to those seeking abortions ” in the state.

“State lawmakers approved the bill on Tuesday,” Chip Brewster wrote “which, among other items,” would “shield reproductive care patients and providers from legal action originating across state lines.”

“Pritzker was joined by Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul, a number of state legislators, and community advocates for the bill signing in downtown Chicago,” according to Brewster.

Republican state Sen. Darren Bailey, who lost the governor’s race to incumbent Pritzker last November, called the measure “pure evil.”

“This is wrong. God help us,” he said.

House sponsor Rep. Kelly Cassidy [D] had a very different viewpoint.

“We are ensuring that Illinois will continue to serve the thousands of people traveling to our state every month to receive abortions and other reproductive and gender-affirming health care, which they can no longer access in their home states,” Cassidy said in a statement.

In addition to shielding reproductive health care patients and providers “from legal action originating across state lines, the act will also protect the Illinois licenses of health care providers licensed in multiple states who provide treatment legal in Illinois but may cost them their license in a state where it’s not,” the Associated Press’s Claire Savage and John O’Connor reported, “The measure also prevents insurers from charging more for out-of-network care when in-network providers object to treatment on moral grounds.”

The AP included other “highlights” of the “Patient and Provider Protection Act”:

  • Allows birthing centers to provide reproductive care.
  • Clarifies that advance practice registered nurses and physicians’ assistants can perform abortions within the scope of their practice.

“Birthing Centers”? Incredible. Of course, medical personnel who are not doctors can now perform abortions.

“Here in Illinois, we know that reproductive care is health care,” Pritzker said on Friday. “A medical decision should be made between a patient and their health care provider.”

Indeed, he has already “used his inaugural address to propose a constitutional amendment guaranteeing abortion access.”

This is insanity.

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