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Looking Forward, Moving Onward after passage of pro-abortion Proposal 5

by | Jan 10, 2023

By Maggie Kerrin, Vermont Right to Life

The dust is still settling in the aftermath of Vermont’s Proposal 5/Article 22 passage.  Shock is still setting in…dissipating some…but still very poignant in the hearts and minds of pro-life Vermonters.  We here at VRLC share in that shock and dismay.  Like the ground shaking under our feet, in mini tremors, after a profound earthquake, the ripple effect of this tragedy stays with us. Our hearts, minds, and souls are troubled.  Yet, we know, we must strive on.

In our January 2022 Rally for Life we marched for the unborn.  We stood against the frigid cold of winter, and we marched for the more than 63 MILLION unborn babies who were exterminated before they ever got to take in their first breath of air.  We thank God for the states who press to hold sacred the lives of the unborn, and we pray for those state, like Vermont, that celebrate abortion and the taking of innocent lives.  And we wonder, what would those children have been like, what amazing gifts and talents would they have contributed to our world, and why is Vermont so focused on a killing culture instead of on supporting life.

There are many “why” questions regarding the passage of Proposal 5/Article 22.  Why would such a majority of Vermonters support such a horrific constitutional amendment?  The words voter apathy and lack of real knowledge come to mind.

Our promise to VRLC supporters is that we will continue to educate and to do all that we can to prevent abortions.  We hope you will join us in spreading the word and help us educate our friends and families about the realities about abortion ~ the truth about abortion ~ the fact that when a pregnant woman walks into a clinic there are two beating hearts ~ and when she walks out there is only one heart left beating.  One life walking out the door.  One heartbeat ~ one life ~ gone forever.  A child’s smile never seen ~a child’s laughter never heard.  And a million hugs and kisses never known.

There is a teaching lesson about why the front windshield of a car is so much bigger than the rear view mirror.  In essence, it is because we need to focus largely on what is ahead, and look back only for the purpose of remembering, and learning from what has been.

We at Vermont Right to Life will remember to look back, and learn from what has been.  But our focus will be looking forward.  Our goal, as always, is to work to lessen the number of abortions occurring in Vermont, and to protect Vermont’s unborn children.  We hope you will all join us in wrapping our hearts and minds around the unborn ~ and continuing the effort to see our children born.

Let’s remember God and goodness.  Let’s remember miracles and blessings.  Let’s remember love, and peace, and joy.  And may God bless and heal all those who have been harmed ~ mentally, emotionally, or physically ~ due to abortion. 

And let’s especially remember to pray, “Father ~ forgive them ~ for they know not what they do.”

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