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Special Election Alert in Virginia!  

by | Jan 5, 2023

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

There are three special elections for the General Assembly being held on January 10th.

There is one special election for the State Senate in District 7.  There are two special elections for the House of Delegates, in Districts 24 and 35.

Right now both the State Senate and House of Delegates are nearly evenly split between pro-life and pro-abortion legislators.

Special elections are well known for having very low turnout.  Turning out pro-life Virginians who live in these districts could mean the difference between victory and defeat for the pro-life candidates.

Pro-abortion forces will try to add a Right-to-Abortion Amendment to the Virginia Constitution if they take control of the Virginia General Assembly.

Governor Glenn Youngkin has no part in the process to amend the Virginia Constitution so it is vital that pro-lifers take control of the State Senate and keep control of the House of Delegates.  These elections are the first step to doing that.

The Virginia Society for Human Life PAC is going to be contacting pro-life voters who live in the districts with the Special Elections with a multi-faceted advertising campaign with video ads, social media ads, phone calls and text messages to help make sure pro-lifers turn out to vote.

The outcomes of these three special elections is very important.  They will help set the tone for the 2023 November elections when all the seats of the Virginia General Assembly will be up for election.

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