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3-D ultrasounds of two unborn babies a huge hit on The Today Show

by | Feb 28, 2023

Not a “fetus” anywhere

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This ran last September and received a tremendous response. I think it is worth reposting.

When the topic is about unborn babies in their natural (safe) state, then people who probably aren’t on our side can feel free to treat them as…unborn babies.

This has been passed all over our office today. It’s a 1 minute and 22 second clip taken from The TODAY Show which is primarily devoted to 3D photos of babies.

The foursome are cooing all over the place at the photos. At what you ask?

At photos taken from a study, first published in the journal Psychological Science, which are “the first in the world to look at how unborn babies react to taste and smell in the womb and gives rare insight into understanding how human taste and smell receptors develop during pregnancy.”

Even the pro-abortion to the hilt Guardian newspaper was captivated. Nicola Davis, the paper’s Science correspondent writes

If the taste of kale makes you screw up your face, you are not alone: researchers have observed foetuses pull a crying expression when exposed to the greens in the womb.

While previous studies have suggested our food preferences may begin before birth and can be influenced by the mother’s diet, the team says the new research is the first to look directly at the response of unborn babies to different flavours.

The TODAY Show quartet had no problems using the “B” word.

“Some amazing baby pictures” is the first observation. “Baby in the womb;” “Baby in the resting state”; “Want to look at this baby’s reaction?”; and “When a Baby’s reacting…”

One other thing. One of the two women on the set said that her two sons “look exactly like they do in the 3-D imagery.”

The continuity of life, anyone?

And I scouted around the Internet a bit. Guess what? Not a “fetus” to be found!

Be sure to watch.

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