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Abortion Hotline encourages women to lie when they have complications with a “medication abortion”

by | Feb 7, 2023

Say they’re having a miscarriage, not an abortion

By Dave Andrusko

Way, way, way back when Art Linkletter interviewed little kids, some of their responses were absolutely hilarious. Art concluded, “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” And they do!

There is nothing funny or humorous about what occasionally escapes the mouths of the abortion crowd. But when women actually are allowed to tell truth about the “abortion pill,” all the false statements and bravado about how “easy” a chemically-induced abortion fall by the wayside. It reveals—to wildly understate the case —that pro-abortionists do say the darndest things.

In a piece that ran yesterday on Vox, Marin Cogan and Victoria Chamberlin  tell us “What an abortion hotline reveals about reproductive care after Roe.”

There are a massive number of points we could address but we’ll talk about just three. Arguably the most important piece of “advice” from Linda Prine, a family physician and the co-founder of the Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline, is

“People are afraid to go to the emergency room if they think they need it, and most of the time they don’t need it, so we talk them off that ledge and explain what they need to do to take care of themselves. But we also tell them, if they do decide to go, how to protect themselves in terms of how they explain what’s been happening to them. In other words, they’re having a miscarriage, they’re not having an abortion, and that it’s impossible for anyone in the emergency room to figure out that they used pills. There’s no blood test for that. There’s no exam to show that that’s what happened. So letting them know how to preserve their privacy in the medical setting, when it’s become a potentially dangerous place to go, has been really important

Where to begin? First of all, Prine is flatly telling women to lie about ingesting the abortion pills.  Probably because she believes in most cases they can be “talked off the ledge,” she feels confident in her advice. However it is completely, no-exceptions true that you always tell the attending physician everything. If a woman feels the need to go the emergency room, that should be enough to assume the worse. 

#2 is a follow up to #1. What does this mean?

And preserve their privacy in the medical setting, when it’s become a potentially dangerous place to go, has been really important.

I assume by “a potentially dangerous place to go” she means there could be legal consequences. But that is not the case for the woman. The laws are designed to punish the provider.

#3. The woman can often see her baby’s recognizable remains.

But also, they’re further along in pregnancy and they’re calling us scared, because they’ve passed a tiny but recognizable fetus, and they are freaked out and they weren’t expecting that. And it’s frankly traumatizing, what people are going through, because they haven’t had any anticipatory guidance that this might be happening, and people who’ve had an abortion before with pills didn’t pass anything that they could see.

Ask yourself this. Would abortion clinic personnel likely give “any anticipatory guidance” if it included that the woman might “pass[] a tiny but recognizable fetus”?  Of course not.

The last question for Dr. Prine is “What else should we keep in mind?”

Let’s get moving and see what we can do to make abortion available by every creative [method]: legislative, underground, crossing borders, whatever it takes.

“Whatever it takes.” 

God help us!

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