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An abortion facility in a neighborhood significantly undermines the quality of life in that area

by | Feb 3, 2023

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

This is an update I was hoping I would not have to write—the efforts by the abortion industry to plant a foothold in Amish country.

Some time ago, the abortion giant known as Planned Parenthood announced plans to perform abortions in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, an area best-known for its Amish farming community.

In the 1990s, Planned Parenthood made similar plans, only to be rebuffed by those stalwart souls in Lancaster who opposed the opening of an abortion facility in their region.

This time around, Planned Parenthood is pushing dangerous chemical abortions in Lancaster—the kind of abortion that reportedly recently took the life of a 19-year-old girl in Canada.

When last we left this story, the Lancaster Planned Parenthood was listed on the Pennsylvania Health Department website as an open abortion facility, but no health inspection reports had been posted.

Now, a report is available from December 22nd, which included telemedicine outreach. The report shows that the facility is in compliance with PA Department of Health regulations. But it is still unclear if the facility has secured a transfer agreement from a nearby hospital in the event of medical complications.

If you look at the Planned Parenthood website here, the services offered include abortion referrals, but not abortions. What is unclear is if the website is just outdated, or abortions have not yet been performed at the facility, which is located in a building which used to house a religious book store.

We know that the opening of an abortion facility in one community can cause abortion totals to rise dramatically statewide. An abortion facility in a neighborhood also significantly undermines the quality of life in that area.

Abortion totals in Pennsylvania recently rose to more than 33,000—the result of the abortion industry’s concerted effort to expand abortion in the Commonwealth. That means that tens of thousands of women have been left to grieve the loss of children to abortion—collateral damage that remains uncalculated in PA’s annual abortion report.

As advocates for life, we grieve with these women—and offer them the possibility of hope and healing through post-abortion outreach programs. If nothing else, perhaps they will think twice before undergoing an abortion in the future.       

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