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Bro v. Wade: Male-only lineup of comedians raise money for abortion

by | Feb 22, 2023

By Nancy Flanders

A comedy show called “Bro v. Wade” is scheduled for February 23 to raise money for abortion — and features a group of middle-aged male comedians.

Tim Heidecker, Doug Benson, Dana Gould, Brian Posehn, Kurt Braunohler, and Ian Karmel will headline the show at the Lodge Room in Highland Park in Southern California. They will also appear on an episode of Abortion Access Front’s (AAF) podcast Feminist Buzzkills Live! which makes a laughing matter of abortion.

It appears that following a similar event in New York City, West Coast men wanted to get in on the pro-abortion action. Now, AAF, a group created by feminists, is creating an event that solely features men on the West Coast raising money for abortion.

“L.A. guys wanted something to do, and when you can tell some jokes and bring a crowd into a room, it’s actually a super powerful thing to do with your activism,” said pro-abortion comedian and The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, who created the event with AAF. The group describes itself as a “coven of hilarious badass feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose the haters fighting against reproductive rights.”

Winstead noted, “If I can make you laugh, it’s an undeniable feeling that you like me, even if it’s just in that moment. If I have that connection with you, it’s hard to demonize me, it’s hard to ‘other’ me in some other monstrous way. It’s cathartic, and it’s also a good tool for our humanity.”

The show will be hosted by actor Helen Hong, who gave a rather discriminatory comment regarding children at risk of abortion. “A lot of people think they’re anti-abortion. You want to live in a society where every child who’s not wanted is born? Ooh, buckle up. You think a lot of things suck now? Things are about to suck way, way harder,” she said.

The implication here is that abortion protects the world from criminals and overall bad people. Hong is advocating for eugenic abortions based on her own discriminatory beliefs that certain people shouldn’t have children and certain children aren’t worthy of life.

Gould, who is known for work on The Simpsons, is scheduled as part of the act. He admitted, “I’ve never been involved in terminating a pregnancy, and honestly, I don’t know if I ever would. But as a guy who doesn’t get pregnant, it’s none of my business.”

While abortion is clearly a negative act since Gould won’t participate in one, and even though he says abortion is “none of his business,” he is voluntarily working to raise money for abortion for a group of pro-abortion feminists. It’s the common “abortion for thee but not me” attitude often professed by members of the elite.

When it comes to men’s attitudes about abortion, the only one deemed acceptable by pro-abortion women is one in which he leaves the decision of whether or not to abort a child up to her.

This attitude — that it’s her decision alone — has pushed women into abortions they don’t want out of a fear of lack of support from their babies’ fathers. It makes sense when viewed in light of pro-abortion men’s attitudes toward abortion. Men typically support abortion more than women do. And it’s this attitude that was parodied in Live Action’s “Pro-Choice Men” video below:

As previously noted by Live Action News author Bettina di Fiore, abortion often protects men’s interests — whether those interests are avoiding adulthood, having sex without commitment, or refusing to make sacrifices for others. It’s much easier to objectify women if men don’t have to take responsibility for any children they create.

Legalized abortion puts the responsibility squarely on the child’s mother. If she chooses to have the child, she could be abandoned by the father who sees the child solely as her responsibility because she chose not to abort. If she chooses abortion, then that decision — and any emotional aftermath — may be left on her shoulders as well because he told her it was her choice.

Editor’s note. This appears at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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