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Kansas City Chiefs players welcome new babies on day of Super Bowl win

by | Feb 16, 2023

By Laura Nicole

Photo: Twitter

The Super Bowl LVII champions Kansas City Chiefs brought home the Vince Lombardi trophy, but that’s not all some players are bringing home. Some players have very new, very tiny additions to their families. 

Tom Pelisero of NFL Network tweeted early Sunday that Nick Allegretti, the team’s offensive guard, and his wife Christina were new parents to twin girls, born early in the morning before the big game. While he wasn’t able to be with his wife in Chicago personally, he facetimed Christina during the birth from the Chiefs’ Arizona hotel. 

“It’s the best day of my life no matter what. I became a dad, father of two daughters,” the 26-year-old Chiefs guard said, according to Good Morning America. “Unbelievable… and now, I’ve got a ring for both of them. Incredible, cannot believe it.” 

Although Allegretti and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2021, his parents joked that he was going to need the second win. Speaking to CBS Chicago a few weeks before the big game, Carl Allegretti joked, “Don’t we need two rings for his girls? There we go! That’s going to make Grandma real happy when the twins come. So that’s why we’ve got to get this ring, so each of his daughters have a ring.” 

Allegretti wasn’t alone in growing his family by a few tiny feet. Teammate Mecole Hardman Jr. tweeted that his pregnant girlfriend Chariah Gordeon’s water broke right around the same time as Allegretti’s twins were being born. Hardman was unable to play in the big game on Sunday due to an injured pelvis. But although he was unable to play, he was able to be with Chariah while their son was being born. He live-tweeted through the game, and ended jubilantly with, “He’s HERE!!!!!!” 

And the babies just keep on coming, as new babies are soon to be born on the Eagles’ side as well. Center Jason Kelce’s wife, at 38 weeks pregnant with their third child, was concerned enough to bring two OB-GYNs to the game. And while the focus would be more on catching footballs than catching babies, they had a contingency plan in place in case anything went awry. 

”I know they [the OB-GYNs] can’t, like, practice medicine in the hospital that’s out in Arizona,” she told People magazine, “but they’ll be my support person because Jason is of absolutely no use to me in Arizona at any time, even before game time… So in the event of an emergency exit, the OBs will go with me. The girls, our daughters, will stay with my mom and dad. They are there on grandchild duty.” 

Faced with the news of so many deliveries, one Twitter user asked the question everyone was thinking:  “Why are all the players having babies today???” 

Editor’s note. This delightful story appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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