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Kentucky Supreme Court decision another historic moment for two pro-life laws

by | Feb 17, 2023

By Addia Wuchner, R.N., Executive Director, Kentucky Right to Life

Editor’s note. On Thursday, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled in favor of Attorney General Daniel Cameron, agreeing with the Court of Appeals’ decision that a lower court wrongly stopped the enforcement of Kentucky’s Human Life Protection Act and Heartbeat Law. As a result Kentucky’s near-total ban on abortions will remain in place until a lower court can decide whether or not the law is constitutional.

For Kentucky Right to Life, state chapters and pro-life Kentuckians, Thursday’s 4-3 ruling by the Kentucky Supreme Court is another historic moment. It’s a moment to rejoice. We’re extremely grateful for Attorney General Cameron and his entire team and the stellar work that they’ve done defending the laws of Kentucky.

Abortion facilities have been closed for over 198 days and they remain closed. Lives will continue to be saved. But we clearly understand that the battle is far from over. We will
continue to work, pray, and advocate to protect the lives of unborn children and to work with their moms to make abortion unthinkable.

With the overturning of Roe, the matter of abortion was appropriately returned to the States. We are now experiencing how democracy should work.

The Justices are to precisely rule on matters of legislation so they can consider these issues in constitutional rather than political terms. The Courts are granted the great power of judicial review, the power to uphold or strike down laws passed by federal or state legislatures, on the grounds that they violate the basic principles of the Constitution.

Today we celebrate, we have turned the page; this chapter has a happy ending. But this book on life is far from over.

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