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Life at the Capitol: Our Pro-Life Agenda Is On The Move!

by | Feb 13, 2023

By Georgia Life Alliance (GLA)

Since the 2023-2024 Legislative Session started, your GLA team has been fighting to build a culture of Life. Between advancing our flagship pro-life legislation and speaking with hundreds of pro-lifers at events at the Capitol, we are happy to report the pro-life movement is winning in 2023!


This year will be different from all previous years, because it is our first post-Roe legislative session. The overturning of Roe and Casey restored regulatory authority to the states which means, with the LIFE Act (Heartbeat Bill) in effect, our job is just getting started!

We’ve spent years chipping away at abortion under Roe and establishing Personhood for the unborn, with notable success. But now it’s time to continue building a culture that supports women, children, and families in a post-Roe Georgia.

We are working on our next major piece of legislation, the Women’s Health & Safety Act. We have been working on this bill since 2020 and passing it this session is one of our top priorities.

Working with House and Senate leaders, we raised serious concerns about legislation that would be harmful to women. We are pleased to report that the legislation has been stopped. We will remain vigilantly on-watch for any activity that may thwart a Culture of Life as we stand for the unborn and their mothers, and remain the voice of the pro-life movement at Georgia’s Capitol. We hope you will join us!



As the state affiliate to the National Right to Life, Georgia Life Alliance has been invited to speak with hundreds of citizens, civic leaders, church leaders, elected officials, students, young professionals, and political clubs across the state.

We participated in key, significant events including the Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s 2023 Pastors Day and Citizens Impact Day, both taking place at the Capitol. At Pastors Day, we encouraged hundreds of church leaders and shared how to engage their church members to become active in the pro-life movement. At Citizens Impact Day, we spoke alongside Governor Kemp to hundreds of community leaders who learned how we’ve partnered with the Governor since 2019 to ensure that Georgia is the pro-life policy standard bearer in the country.

This week at the Capitol, we hosted the second annual “Together For Life” rally. Together for Life was founded in 2019 when GLA partnered with the Georgia Baptists and the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta to create an alliance of Georgia’s pro-life community. Together for Life partnered with other groups such as Georgia Faith & Freedom Coalition, Citizen Impact, Students For Life, and many more.

We cast a unified pro-life message of hope and help for women and children. Pro-life activists from around the state gathered to celebrate the overturning of Roe and the Heartbeat Bill going into effect. Together, we pledged to redouble our efforts to support women, children, families, and build a post-Roe Culture of Life. In case you weren’t able to attend, watch the full video of all the impactful speakers.

If you would like to schedule us to come speak to your group about our legislative agenda, pro-life politics, or get an update on the Heartbeat Bill, email us at


On March 28th, 10am – 2pm, the Georgia Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments on the appeal to uphold the Heartbeat Bill. You can watch the arguments live here.

Please keep this matter on your prayer list. Based on these arguments, the Court will decide the final fate of our Heartbeat Bill. If we win, the law remains in effect permanently, and will pave the way for future pro-life legislation!

Your GLA team is honored to serve as the leading pro-life voice at the Capitol. Please keep us in your prayers as we head back on Monday.

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