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The Daily Show Creator Rants Against ‘Anti-Abortion Garbage’ Super Bowl Ads

by | Feb 15, 2023

By Alex Christy

Lizz Winstead, creator of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, really was not a fan of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. First she melted down over Fox crowning Greg Gutfled “the new king of late night” and on Monday’s edition of The Daily Show she lamented “A hundred million dollar ads with people who are funding anti-abortion garbage” while “we are having bake sales.”

Winstead was being interviewed by temp host Sarah Silverman who asked about how The Daily Show relates to Winstead’s Abortion Access Front, “: Do you see this as, kind of, a natural evolution from The Daily Show for you?”

Only confirming what many already suspected, Winstead admitted The Daily Show was just another way of spreading her left-wing beliefs, “Yeah, the truth is, whether it was this show, whether it was Air America Radio, wherever I went it, it’s like, knowing that you can expose hypocrisy with humor and knowing that, done well, you can make change, it kind of was a natural evolution because no one was talking about abortion. People siloed it, they weren’t talking about it and so the reason I created it is because I wanted to speak truth to power.”

Exposing hypocrisy only exposes hypocrisy, it does not actually make any solid points in favor of abortion, but bad logic aside, Winstead continued hyping AAF and its programs, “I feel like people really want to get involved and so with us, it’s like, we just watched the Super Bowl. A hundred million dollar ads with people who are funding anti-abortion garbage and we are having bake sales or try to get people services, right? I am not going to say you should donate, but you should donate.”

As fun is it to see liberals, who dominate pop culture, lamenting the existence of contrary ideas in the culture, it is unclear what exactly Winstead is talking about. The much-talked about He Gets Us ads were about having childlike faith and loving your enemies. The Pringles ad was unintentionally pro-life, but appeared so because assumptions behind the pro-life movement are true. Furthermore, the idea pro-abortion activists are struggling for attention is laughable.

Later in the interview, Silverman lamented that pro-lifers are securing some victories, “Yeah, you know, a lot of people are seeing their rights being stripped away, and it’s really scary.”

Not nearly as scary as abortion and if Winstead intended to create The Daily Show to promote abortion, she must be happy as Silverman is just the latest temp host to use the show to do just that. No wonder viewership is plummeting.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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