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Virginia Pro-Life Week in Review: Final Week at the General Assembly

by | Feb 27, 2023

Pro-life Delegates Prevent Radical Right to Abortion Amendment from Passage in House of Delegates

By Virginia Society for Human Life (VHSL)

After a week of debate on the House floor devoted to attempting to change the rules of the House of Delegates in Virginia, an effort led by pro-abortion Delegates to force a vote on the previously defeated “Right to Abortion” Amendment has been defeated.

Pro-abortion extremists in the House used the week of floor speeches to spread more manipulative and dramatic scare tactics to make their case for enshrining Roe v. Wade in Virginia’s Constitution. This Right to Abortion amendment would allow abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, require tax funding of abortion, and prevent any reasonable protective pro-life laws in the future.

“Those Democrat Delegates who attempted to force this amendment to be voted on this week are the same ones who voted against a bill to provide compassionate life-saving treatment to a baby who survives an abortion and opposed a website to be set up by the Virginia Department of Health designed to list free help available in the state to help mothers,” said Olivia Gans Turner, President of VSHL. “Sadly, the pro-abortion Democrats in the House and Senate are not willing to support the kinds of rational pro-life bills that many Virginians do in fact think should be passed. More than 60% support common sense laws that protect babies and mothers.”

Turner added, “Virginians must remain on alert as it is clear that pro-abortion activists and politicians will use this fight as a weapon against pro-life candidates during this year’s election cycle. We must help our friends understand just how extreme this amendment would be and how recklessly pro-abortion supporters are manipulating the facts.”

On the day the vote was taken approximately 30 pro-lifers filled the House Gallery to show their support for the courage of those Delegates who blocked the rules change and prevented further action on the Right to Abortion Amendment. The final vote was split along party lines, 50-45.

Pro-life Delegates took to the floor during the final week of the session to defend innocent human life. Here are a few clips for you to watch:

Delegate Kathy Byron

Delegate Tara Durant

Delegate Nick Freitas

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