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2023 National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest: First place in the Junior Division

by | Mar 9, 2023

Editor’s note. Last week we posted the three winning essays in the Senior Division in NRLC’s Pro-life essay contest, grades 10-12. Today we conclude with the first place winner in the Junior Division which is grades 7-9.

Why am I pro-life?

By Laela J.

Today during class, my teacher assigned us with a difficult question: Why are you pro-life? This question troubled me. Throughout the day I was wondering, what topics do I argue? My first thought was the law. For me proving how sections of the Constitution promote the pro-life movement is easy. This is the law; you must follow it. But this I knew was not the answer. I am not pro-life simply because the law stipulates it. Nor am I pro-life just because I hear Father at Church preach about it. Why am I pro-life? Because murder is wrong. Why? When I asked myself that final question, I couldn’t give an answer. Typing this paper is really inspiring me. I am pro-life because I choose to be. I choose to be because robbing someone of the life, dreams, and aspirations you and I have been so graciously given, is wrong.

I first experienced the horrors of abortion in my final year at my school when we prayed at the abortion clinic. I knew abortion existed, yes, but seeing the abortion clinic for the first time scared me. In my mind I thought, “Did that dumpster hold a person that could have been my classmate, my friend even?” The brutal reality shocked me. Even after prayer, I was still in shock, on the verge of tears even. When I went home I cried knowing that I could have very well been in that same dumpster, with no chance of even knowing my name. It was that day that convinced me that abortion was wrong.

I hear talk about the new form of euthanasia called “assisted suicide.” I didn’t even know what euthanasia was until the seventh grade during religion class. I had a vague idea of it. I knew the Nazis used it and that was about it. When I heard that our elderly were being subjected to it, I didn’t know what to say. Almost always I have a question or counter position to offer some further conversation, but at this moment I was speechless. I originally thought that abortion was the only aspect of the pro-life movement, but I was in for a rude awakening. From there on I was introduced to the dreads of human embryo testing and the scheme inside of Planned Parenthood. This only furthered my resolve as an advocate for pro-life.

I have heard people say that ignorance is bliss. A part of me wishes for the ignorance of childhood once again. But now I know I can never go back, ever. I am completely willing to face the hard truths of reality as long as one life is saved. If all the bullying, teasing, and shame from my friends saves someone, anyone, be it the worst criminal or the most innocent child, then I will go with my own motto, “Grit your teeth and live on, for someone will benefit from your suffering, in this life, or the next.”

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