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Florida House Bill 7 Passes First Committee Stop by a vote of 13-5

by | Mar 17, 2023

By Florida Right to Life

Tallahassee FL – Thursday morning at 8 AM sharp, the Healthcare Regulation Committee heard HB 7 sponsored primarily in the House by Representative Mulicka. The bill had a fair hearing and as usual the pro-abortion lobby was there in full force to spread misinformation and lies about the Bill and what it does.

Florida Right to Life President Lynda Bell was at the meeting and addressed the committee in support of the legislation. The Bill entitled “An Act Relating to Pregnancy and Parenting Support” would stop abortions after 6 weeks with exceptions and provide much needed pregnancy care support.

 “This bill will help stop the influx of women coming into Florida to obtain an abortion,” Bell said.  “This is a good bill and we are happy to work with the bill sponsors to fix some minor issues and so encouraged to see the support offered to our pregnant mothers.”

Pro-abortion testimony used false information and outright lies about ectopic pregnancies, and medical emergencies by added more falsehoods throughout the hearing. They tried to discredit pregnancy care centers by calling them “fake clinics.”

The continuous insults against the valuable and much needed services to pregnant clients did not go over well among the committee members. Fortunately, the committee members were not fooled nor swayed by the pro-abortion nonsense.

Florida Right to Life is thankful to pregnancy care centers and surmise the real fake doctors are those who end the lives of the unborn for profit! Their hands should be instruments of love and healing not the evil that is abortion on demand.

Florida Right to Life will follow this legislation every step of the way and continue updates.

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