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Former abortionist on abortion complications

by | Mar 31, 2023

By Sarah Terzo

Dr. Beverly McMillan, a former abortionist from Jackson, Mississippi:

Planned Parenthood clinics, and free-standing abortion clinics like them, claim they have an untarnished record of no complications from their abortion procedures, but what they don’t know is that I’m the practitioner who sees their complications.  These women don’t go back to the clinic where they’ve had a bad experience.  They show up in my office or in my emergency room with their bleeding or with their infections or with their retained placenta, needing another D&C.

“A Close Look at Planned Parenthood,” (Focus on the Family) radio program, 27-27 October 1989, quoted in Douglas R. Scott, Inside Planned Parenthood (Grand Rapid, MI: Frontlines Publishing, 1990) p.86.

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