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Hawaii Governor sign pro-abortion SB1; state legislator welcomes out-of-state abortionists

by | Mar 23, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Gov. Josh Green signed Senate Bill 1 to “reaffirm a woman’s right to choose” in Hawaii because of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Dobbs v. Jackson, which overturned Roe v. Wade.

The legislation will “explicitly provide stronger, clearer protections for reproductive health care services, and increasing access to those services,” Gov. Green wrote on Twitter.

At a bill signing ceremony on Wednesday state Sen. Joy San Buenaventura, a Democrat, embraced abortionists:

“To those noble physicians, I say, ‘E Komo Mai. Hawaii welcomes you,’” San Buenaventura said. “Because today Hawaii has shown that we will stand by our medical providers, that we will stand with our physicians, and that those who provide safe abortion and contraception — even if it’s just to offer advice to tourists — will not have to fear arrest, extradition, subpoena.”

Hawaii “s a major tourist destination and has many travelers,” the Associated Press reported. “It’s also home to college students as well as military personnel and their dependents who may maintain residency in their home states while they live in the islands temporarily. Local doctors say they have provided abortions to more out-of-state residents since the overturning of Roe.”

Senate Bill 1 not only “says that the state will not deny or interfere with a person’s right to an abortion and prohibits releasing information about reproductive health care service,” SB 1 “also allows licensed physician assistants to perform certain abortions and shields medical providers in Hawaii from legal action from other states,” according to The Maui News.

Hawaii, pro-abortion to the core, already has very few restrictions on abortion. In 2020, 1,809 unborn babies were aborted.

SB 1 also allows minor girls to get abortions without the consent of a parent or guardian.

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